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What after the 12th?

Many students are confused by these thoughts “what can we choose after 12th” major of the students didn’t know about their field or which options they have to choose they were gone with the majority and then they lose their major time in the wrong field.

If the student came from a commerce background, they thought they just has minimum options of qualifications like, MBA, and CA. but in actual they missed those fields that were performed well if they choose those options

After the 12th students have options like CA, ACCA, CS, CMA, MBA,, BBA, LLB, and many others.

All fields are provided great knowledge but sometimes students can’t research more about the field just they have to listen to the name and rushed into it, the major example is ACCA.

Students had knowledge about CA but many of them were not aware of ACCA they thought CA & ACCA was the same accounting qualification but in reality, ACCA is an International Accounting qualification and CA is an Indian Accounting qualification.

Same ACCA is also a professional qualification and students had lots of queries regards CA and ACCA, there are some differences that we have to know before finalizing our field:


Chartered Accountant (CA)

Associated of chartered certified Accountants (ACCA)


When a person can complete his CA then he just has to give 4 exams to receive an ACCA certificate

When a person completes his ACCA

Then he has to start from begging to achieve a CA degree


The mandatory fee for CA is approximate ₹50,000

The mandatory fee of ACCA is ₹1.5 Lakh approximate

Course content

More India Oriented

Indian AS, AS,

All Indian TAX LAW, international Tax Law,


More Global focused

Domestic UK Laws

International Laws


Subject  includes

Foundation level

·        Accountancy

·        Law & BCR

·        Maths & statistics

·        Economic & BCK


·        Accountancy

·        Corporate and other Law

·        Cost Accounting

·        Taxation

·        Advance accounting

·        Auditing

·        Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management

·        Financial Management & Economics for FM

CA Final

·        Financial Reporting

·        Strategic Financial Management

·        Advance auditing

·        Corporate and economic law

·        Strategic cost management

·        Risk management

·        Financial services and capital markets

·        International Taxation

·        Economic Law

·        Global finance reporting

·        Multidisciplinary case study

·        Direct TAX and international Taxation

·        Indirect TAX

Knowledge Level

·        Business and technology

·        Management accounting

·        Financial accounting

Skill level

·        Corporate and Business Law

·        Performance management

·        Taxation (UK)

·        Financial reporting

·        Auditing

·        Financial Management

Professional level

·        Strategic business reporting (INT)

·        Strategic business leader

·        Advanced performance Management

·        Advanced Taxation (UK)

·        Advanced Audit

·        Advanced Financial Management


3 year

3 years, if you are a CA then no article ship required

Audit Authority in India



Ease of passing

Time taken

Less time is taken as compared to CA

Placements opportunity

Domestic opportunity,

An added memo of understanding (MoUs) helps to international opportunity

International opportunity

Pay packages

It depends on the service area

It depends on the service area

Frequency of Paper

Half-yearly basics (After every 6 months). Criteria to clear the whole group simultaneously

Quarterly basis (After every 3 months). One by one paper can be cleared.

In Brief, we can say that pursuing ACCA to unlock career opportunities abroad has proven to be one of the best options individuals can look up to, but if a student completes his CA then ACCA institute side he also half completed his ACCA too, so the best option depends on the student that what he wants to do.

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